The history of Slant Eyed Fish Head

In about 1986, Then drummer prodigy John Morse invited beginner guitarist Buzzz Miller over to his garage to jam. The jam session was less than par, as there were only portions of three songs known by both. I think two were Scorpions tunes. In the upcoming attempts, rather than play other peoples music, they wrote their own. One of the first times together, they played "riff a" which later became on of the bands better known songs. John Penner joined on guitar, and a quick stint with Richard Alger on lead vocals. Chief Maggot was a stable of the band even before he tried his hand at vocals and lyrical shaping. Skunk Sullivan moved from rowdie to an actual musician on bass. (Well, we use the term musician lightly there.) The band played with this format for quite some time. In the summer of 1990, the band Laviathan cut their third album "Go Fish" to various local recognition. But it was the end of an era. The era of Laviathan.

Different colleges called the members different directions.

John Morse on drums

John attended NAU, and studied music, where he met Joe Smith. Joe and John were playing the field with an existing jam band, Slant Eyed Fish Head. Before too long, the band was getting gigs and playing quite often with Dean Brown on lead vocals and guitar. A few other members of the band lasted through the test of time, and even Stacy, one of the "do-wap" girls married into the band.

The band lasted for years playing in Flagstaff, and even continued when the members graduated and moved back down to the Phoenix area. One item that did not move down to Phoenix was a bass player. Buzzz was invited to play bass guitar in the band. The band continued playing in the phoenix area for some time with this format. Somewhere in the early 2000's , Dean left the band for the opportunity to be the lead man in Suburban Legend. What to do now?

The remaining members of Slant Eyed Fish Head met together for their first Pizza meeting. They discussed the possibility of quitting altogether. But in finding interests in harder music and writing their own music, the fire that started it all injected itself back into the Fish Heads. That pizza meeting became the first of a weekly pizza meeting followed by three hours of rehearsal. This ritual has become a stable for the last five years. The band has over 40 hours of original material on digital recordings. Buzzz moving back to guitar opened up a spot for 2006 to current member Bruce. Joe and Buzzz are still limping the vocal portion of the band along until permanent vocals can be discovered. The band is currently sitting on a few strong originals and want to have them down on a professional demo by fall. The demo album will be recorded in Wannabe Studios and affectionately called "9 ball". You may catch the band running around the Phoenix area throwing down their version of rock and roll. If you get that chance, stop by and say 'howdy.'

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