Meet the members of Slant Eyed Fish Head

John studied percussion at Northern Arizona University

He played in many bands including the underground phenomenon Laviathan.

In college, he began playing with Joe Smith, and the two have played together ever since.

Talents: lighting, doing the bands taxes as he is a licensed CPA, and going through drum sticks like water.

(And did I mention absolutely sick pyrotechnics?)

Joe has played lead guitar for just over two decades now.

His greatest asset to the band is his fashion design.

Don't get us started. This guys favorite line before the show is "So what are we going to wear?"

Talents: his originality, creativity and making everyone else say "Where did you come up with that?"

Bruce is like Sting or Prince in more ways than just having one name.

The fact that he can play just about any instrument.

We are talking oddball stuff here. Banjo, mandolin, and other freaky stuff like that.

Bruce was successful earlier in his music life, traveling and touring regularly with multiple bands.

Bruce has recently re-joined the music scene after a fair layoff, and is one of the new additions to SEFH.

Talents: he can play anything and his easy going demeanor.

Buzzz is not much of a musician. But he can build a pretty good guitar. He also has some killer equipment.

In fact, if he did not have lots of equipment, and a recording studio in his home,

he would probably be replaced with someone that can play, or sing.

Talents: guitar tech, lots of equipment, and really has a great talent for ordering pizza.

Paul Miller

Sound tech and various other things.

Paul hangs out and pretty much runs the technical stuff while everyone else is busy.

And being 6'5"+ and 230, it is nice to have him carry heavy stuff and deal with crowd control.

Talents: He is one of the only members of the band that doesn't pack heat. He and Chuck Norris don't need heat.

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